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Plan your projects, organize your fabric stash, and discover inspiring patterns while connecting with a community that shares your passion for sewing.

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Frequently asked questions

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Is there an app I can download?
Backstitch is a web application that you can use on any device with a browser! We do not have iOS or Android apps (so you won't find us in any app stores), but you can add Backstitch to the home screen on your phone for an app-like experience.
How do I get an invite to be a beta tester?
You can sign up for the beta waistlist! We send out new invite codes every few weeks.
Is Backstitch a 'Ravelry for sewing'?
Backstitch is sometimes compared to the knitting platform Ravelry, which we are similar to in some ways. Like Ravelry, we also have a pattern database - however, we do not sell patterns. Just as the techniques and materials differ between sewing and knitting, so do the features and focus of our platforms.
Is Backstitch free?
Yes, Backstitch is free to use. We don't have any limits on the number of fabrics or patterns you can add to your stash, neither do we limit how many sewing projects you can plan and share with the community. We offer a plus subscription for those who want to support the platform and get access to advanced features and stats.